Specialist service for people affected by Autism Spectrum Disorder & Associated Disorders
Our Aim

Is to provide people affected by Autistic Spectrum Disorder and associated disorders such as Asperger’s Syndrome, Higher Functioning Autism, Pathological Demand Avoidance, Pervasive Development Disorder etc the opportunity to be socially included as a full member of society where they can experience a wide range of activities and experiences. Our objective is to provide community based homes that embrace the fundamental principles of good practice and strives to provide an Autism specific service to the highest quality to assist the service users to live as normal a life as possible. We are committed to providing a service that meets the diverse needs of our service users and ensure they are treated as individuals regardless of age, race, religion, sex, disability or sexual orientation. All Service Users will be given every opportunity to access on and off site facilities making full use of the local amenities subject to valid risk assessment.

Our Staff

Our Staff are highly trained and motivated to ensure all our residents recieve the best care and encouragement to live a full and interesting life to the best of their ability.

Principal Managers

Holds a RMA Level 4, Ucert ASD NVQ Level 4 in Care, Diploma in Business/ Performance Coaching, TDLB D32/ D33 NVQ Assessors Award. As well as all statutory and autism specific qualifications.

Registered Managers

NVQ 4 in care, Ucert in health & Social Care in Management/ Risk assessment safe guarding adults, Medication, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Appointed First Aid Person, Abuse and Protection Procedures,

Team Leaders

NVQ Qualified, Equality and Diversity, Non-Violent Crisis Intervention, Medication, Appointed First Aid Person, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, Fire, equality & diversity,

Support Workers

Support Workers and Assistant Support Workers Health and Safety, Appointed First Aid Person, Food Hygiene, Fire, Autism, Medication, Nutrition and Health.